Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Importance of Social Media

 Social media is media for social interaction as a superset beyond social communication. Enabled by ubiquitously accessible and scalable communication techniques, social media has substantially changed the way organizations, communities, and individuals communicate (wikipedia). Social Media is now very importance in Pakistan's politics. Many Pakistani people who don't interest in politics, are talking on politics due to access of media. now a days millions of people connected to social media websites e.g. facebook, twitter, youtube etc. If you missed the News bulletin, you dont care about it because you can watch news-clip on your social a/c. I am using my facebook a/c. I have many time read the news before it came in news media. Many political parties and their workers are playing role in social media to achieve their goals. MQM & PTI are most active, Jamaat-e-Islami now gives importance. Political celebrities have their personal open a/c. For understanding Social Media's importance we should know that:
* Look on Arab Spring (revolution in Tunis, Egypt, Libya). It is showed that Facebook plays important role. Tunis is one of the modern secular high educated Arab country. World wondered how revolution came there. In Gulf, Opposition  in Bahrain failed due to Bahrain's govt's effective work in social media. It is one of reasons of Revolution's failure in Bahrain. 
* Now look in Pakistan. Before 1 years, Everyone know Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf's importance in Pakistan's politics. In last election, PTI boycotted the election. In election 2002, Only Imran Khan got the seat. But during last 6 month, PTI hired its workers in social websites. They made the environment of PTI in political ground, from which people are thinking about it's victory in next election.
From above talks, it is cleared that social media's importance It will play impressive role in next election. Political parties cant live without using social media.